Contraception Services at Three Spires Medical Practice

You can book to see your own GP or one of our female doctors if you prefer, to discuss your contraception needs. We provide the whole range of contraceptive services. This includes long acting methods of contraception such as the contraceptive implant, intra uterine devices (otherwise known as coils) and depot injections. Your GP can give you all the information you will need to help you make an informed decision. There are some links below to some helpful web based resources which will give you further details of your different options.

We are EEFO kite marked

This means that all of our staff are trained to respect an individual’s confidentiality and meet Young People Friendly Quality Standards

Contraception Clinic

We run a weekly contraception clinic on a Friday where Dr Newton and Dr Spencer can fit coils and implants. We recommend that you speak to your OGP first to see if this is the most appropriate long acting contraception method for you. If you want to have a telephone appointment with Dr Newton, you can request this if there are specific aspects of the Coil or implant you are uncertain about before your procedure. You will be added to our waiting list.

The following links below are helpful sources of information;

Information for Mirena Coils, IUS

Information for Copper Coils, IUD

Information for Implants

Link to book swab, essential 1 week before coil fittings

Emergency contraception

– also known as the morning after pill

If you think you may need emergency contraception, it is important that you book in to see us urgently. The sooner you take the EC, the more effective it will be. Just ask the receptionists for an emergency appointment for emergency contraception and we will always make sure you are seen that day.

Useful EC facts- it is free when prescribed by the GP; it can be effective for up to 72 hours after the episode of unprotected sexual intercourse (if more than 72 hours has passed, it is still worth coming to see us as there are other options for up to 5 days) and the EC can be bought at the Chemist after a brief consultation with the pharmacist.